Born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nicolas Ferrando began working in the cinema industry at an early age, and since then he has freelanced as a camera man or director of photography in TV adds, documentaries and movies; as well as a writer and illustrator for comic books. He lived in London working as a photographer and in Qatar responsible for all visual content and multimedia production of the Museum of Islamic Art. He has an MA in Photography at the Slade School of Arts and studied at the University of Cinema, Buenos Aires, during which time he won the Best Photography Award in the Buenos Aires 2002 Short Film Festival. His personal photographic work has been shown around the world in Buenos Aires, London and Madrid and won several awards as the Fujifilm Student Award and the Terry O’Neill Award among others. Nowadays Nicolas spends most of his time in planes between Buenos Aires, London and Vienna as Creative Director of Edition Lammerhuber. He is a member of the group, and he’s still wondering why, even though he has been trying, he could never have the ginger cat he has always wanted.